The constant ups and downs and largely unpredictable characteristic of markets make it next to impossible to not see changes in currency everyday. And as a trader in this dynamic system, monitoring your crypto- asset investments is crucial to understand market trends, movements and changes to be able to make a profitable decision and develop technical strategies. Crypto Charting tools help us achieve this. They assist in simple market tracking and information but also pushes productive order execution. Be it bitcoin investments, digital currencies or any other form of trade, you can use the diverse charting solutions that exist on the market. The list below is a scrutinised set of the best tools available in terms of feature sets, user friendly and exchange integration.



The most popular charting tool available for traders of all markets. This technical analysis tool has integrated their tool set with the most well known cryptocurrency exchanges. The online feature tools are absolutely free but are limited to three technical indicators and overlays per chart. The pro options however are more diverse. The results are impressive and the tool is definitely recommended.


This diverse tool in the world of crypto has multiple features to aid traders develop and execute market strategies. It’s charting service is built on top of TradingView platform but uses custom data feeds to integrate with cryptocurrency exchanges that are over 45. Users can set-up SMS text alerts for custom events and perform trade orders across their many exchanges. Coingy is not free, but their premium features will have you using it in no time!


This is a very comprehensive charting tool that allows traders to gain access to live stream price, volume and orderbook data from more than 800 exchanges. It is an easy tool and is a great instrument to visualise live exchange data. The features of CryptoWatch includes many technical analysis indicators and overlays to help you make your calls. The tool is still growing and provides regular updates.


A simple portfolio tracker available on both Android and iOS devices provides traders with its incredible interface and design, the ability to track your portfolio as you are able to view the amounts you are holding in each currency, in relation to the movements of the market. A favourite feature in this tool is the alarm that informs you when the price is high or low as you desire. It has the ability to calculate the amount of currency in other digital currencies. The subscription is free is your portfolio is less than USD 5,000 or a minimal $5 is charged per month for usage of the total tool.


This application generates real-time reports on a trader’s profit and loss, tax, portfolio value and unrealised gains. A portfolio can be imported from many of the top crypto exchanges including Binance, BitMEX, YoBit for maximum intergration. It has many technical indicators that can be put to use to aid the user’s analysis but lacks the community- driven indicators present in that of TradingView. The tool supports over 6,000 crypto assets and is completely free to use.